Radioactivity and Environment

Consulting in

Frits van Dorp

Dr. ing. agron.

Baechlimatt 7
CH 5406 Ruetihof
Tel: +41 056 493 22 75
Mobile: +41 077 449 05 09

Academic qualification

  Dr. Ing. Agronomy, Agricultural University Wageningen Netherlands
Soil Science and Plant Nutrition
Doctoral Thesis 1977 (Wageningen, Netherlands)
Examinations on Radiation Protection (C laboratory, Netherlands & B/C laboratory, Switzerland)
1963 - 1972Agricultural University, study and several appointments (Wageningen, Netherlands)
1972 - 1980Institute for the Application of Atomic Energy in Agriculture (ITAL, Wageningen, Netherlands)
1981 - 2008National Cooperative for the Disposal of Radioactive Waste (Nagra, Wettingen, Switzerland)

Professional skills and experience

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